Counselor’s Corner: Richard Taing -1st VAMPY Weekend!

Richard TThis weekend was a blast! We started Saturday with the VAMPY Olympics. Teams battled for the crown, competing in events such as dodge ball, trivia, tug-of-war and team relay. Unfortunately, the sun was beating down pretty hard, but we were still able to intensely cheer for our team. After a relay that included a three legged race, rolling, bubble gum, and water balloons, the United Kingdom team took the crown.

We followed the VAMPY Olympics with Paper Theater, a classical VAMPY tradition. It was a treat to see how creative all the campers could be with their unique interpretations of fairy tales such as The Little Pigs, army boot camp style. We all got to see some of the campers really bring out personality with their roles.

Sunday was a day to catch up with laundry and the rest of the week. We enjoyed a great cookout on the front lawn. After a weekend of movies, hanging out, and lots of donuts, it was time to get back into the week.

On Monday evening, we had the opportunity to hear about the wonderful opportunities at the Gatton Academy, including studying abroad and getting involved with new research.  Following Mr. Chad Phillips (who presented on the Gatton Academy), we got to listen to a special VAMPY alumni, Drew Curtis. Mr. Curtis is the founder and administrator of, an Internet news aggregator. This esteemed gentleman was invited to give a TedTalk and has connections all over the world. His message was simple, but profound…go for what you truly care about, not for what you think you SHOULD do. As an entrepreneur, he emphasizes thinking OUTSIDE the box, a skill that is not taught as much as it should be.