VAMPY 2013: Day 7 Recap

Campers got to enjoy some time outside reading books in Humanities, dressed in traditional Arabic clothes in the Arabic class, and even practiced a rap in World Biographies on the seventh day of classes. Arabic Break Time Fun Humanities STEAM Labs World Biographies Writing

Teacher’s Talk: Chinese (Day 6)

Both the Chinese and Sustainability classes listened to Aloma Dew, a member of the Sierra Club, speak about environmental issues in both China and the US. The classes learned a lot of new information. For instance, the classes learned that Shanghai once had 16,000 dead hogs contaminating their rivers. Yum Brands, such as KFC and […]

Counselor’s Corner: Richard Taing -1st VAMPY Weekend!

This weekend was a blast! We started Saturday with the VAMPY Olympics. Teams battled for the crown, competing in events such as dodge ball, trivia, tug-of-war and team relay. Unfortunately, the sun was beating down pretty hard, but we were still able to intensely cheer for our team. After a relay that included a three […]

Teacher Talk: Presidential Politics (June 28 & July 1)

It is hard to believe that we have now completed over one week at VAMPY!  Students in Presidential Politics went to visit Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage in Nashville last Friday.  We left at 9:00 in the morning & returned at 4:00.  Students got to see a orientation movie over Jackson’s presidency when we arrived and then […]

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