Counselor’s Corner: Taylor Koczot

Talyor K

Today was a huge day for all of the SCATS campers; with classes, the banquet, the dance, and finally the slideshow, the second to last day of camp is perhaps the busiest of the whole two weeks.

The banquet started off the night with an excellent meal and some entertainment from the members of the Musical Troupe class. This event also served as a time to thank the many people who made SCATS a success, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The dance followed and, while a few kids opted to play cards or socialize on the edges of the dance floor, the majority of campers had a great time letting loose and boogieing. It was particularly enjoyable to see campers who, outside of SCATS, would not usually participate in a dance, break out of their shells and hit the dance floor. This new-found confidence and energy is thanks to the incredibly accepting and comfortable environment SCATS offers gifted students.

The final event of the night, the slideshow, was a time to reflect on everything that has happened over the past two weeks. The campers had an excellent time cheering for their friends, laughing and smiling at fond memories, and especially enjoyed spotting themselves in the slideshow (the counselors ensure that every camper is included at least once).

With the very last day of camp ahead and classes in the morning, the campers went to bed sleepy and very happy with their SCATS experience. While there may be some tears tomorrow, the final night of camp is a time to look back on the last two weeks and celebrate the opportunity and the memories.

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