SCATS 2013: Day 10 (Final Day)

It’s hard to believe but SCATS 2013 is officially over. ┬áThe campers seemed to really have a blast this year, both learning in the classroom and making friends outside of the classroom. To see all of our pictures from SCATS 2013, be sure to visit our Flickr page at Here are the last three […]

Counselor’s Corner: Closing Time

Tonight marked the final full day of SCATS 2013. It is a bittersweet moment as students prepare to head back home to their parents who have missed them but away from the counselors that have enjoyed having them for the past two weeks. The past two weeks have been some of the greatest of my […]

Teacher’s Talk: Foods – Day 9

I can’t wait to get to Foods today! We will be making our own servings of healthy snacks, eating them to be sure we combined compatible ingredients, then we will write our recipe, analyze it, and promote it! We will all fill out a nutrition panel for our creation so that we can see which […]

Teacher’s Talk: Foods – Day 8

Students created a variety of presentations about the Macromolecules we have been studying. We had everything from graphs and charts to cereal boxes, to comic strips! A big shout out to Carb Oswald Hydrate for being voted the most beneficial macromolecule for growing adolescents! We were able to hear his acceptance speech in 4th period!

Teacher’s Talk: Be a Writer Class Week 2

We have been hard at work on our pieces for the class anthology. Students have as many as 8 entries in the collection. So far, we have written poetry, personal essays, and short stories. One activity for thinking skills this week involved solving a murder mystery, using available clues. The resulting conversations were definitely insightful […]

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