Counselor’s Corner: Nicole Heimerdinger

NicoleToday was the Inaugural SCATS Olympics! The competing countries were: Russia, Germany, Vatican City, North Korea, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the United States of America. Each team was well represented by both and male and female counselor group and played with lots of spirit. The winning team was the United Kingdom (led by Dixa and Jon), with the USA (led by Matt Hunt and Sunny) following in second place, and Liechtenstein (Cameron and Macauley) in third. The scores were determined by a dodgeball tournament, a four part relay race, Trivia (which was comprised of everything from quiz bowl questions to Disney and Counselor/SCATS questions), shot put, and a javelin throw. Extra points were awarded for every member who made a team spirit craft.

Later Satuday evening was Paper Theater, a comedic theatrical performance in which every camper participates. The campers were given a fairytale with a twist. For props and costumes, they were given a stack of newspaper, markers, and masking tape. We had skits that ranged from “Snow White SCATS Style” to “The Three Little Pigs Robot Style”. Every skit was fun and had a lot of thought put into it. Even in the short amount of time they were given, they came up with great ideas!!