Week 3: Caves and Shakers

VAMPY 2012 Writing Class

VAMPY 2012 Writing ClassOn the morning of Tuesday July 11, our class took a trip to the local Lost River Cave and enjoyed all of its historical and natural history. Campers also got to take a trip to the gorgeous Butterfly Habitat, in which they had the chance to write and reflect on the day. Lunch at a local park followed and then the class visited the local historical Shaker Village. Here’s one student’s take on the day:

I, your semi-generic Logsdon Writing Class student, enjoyed the Lost River Cave trip because it was TOTALLY AWESOME and involved dark enclosed SPACES, plus lots of WATER. It was very poetic, you see. It was just the way the artificial lights hit the interestingly shaped rocks.

And the shaker village, minus the blasting heat, was pretty cool, with all the history and stuff. I got some pretty deep ideas there. So it was rad, brosky. I definitely recommend it to you all.


VAMPY 2012 Writing Class