Chinese: A very busy day!

On Tuesday morning, our Chinese class performed two acts of “Monkey King” or “Journey to the West,” two of the four major classic Chinese tales, for Ms. Logsdon’s writing class. Then, Ms. Niu, our wonderful TA, guided our class in a debate on the topic, “American factories in China should hold the same standard in terms of the working conditions and workers’ rights for their Chinese employees as in the United States.”

In the afternoon, our students experimented with Chinese brush painting after each of them was presented with a Chinese writing brush from Mrs. Lin. Happy time! Some did a fantastic job painting bamboo and birds and writing their names in Chinese.

Lastly, two students from the WKU Flagship program, 何西, 石冲,Jesse and Kenny, shared their Chinese experiences with our middle and high school students. That was very exciting! Jesse has been to China three times, studying and touring. Kenny compared and contrasted Chinese culture and American culture on several major points. Our class really liked both presentations about China from an American’s point of view!

Whew! Another busy day! What’s in store for tomorrow? Let me think…