Counselor’s Corner: Rainy Days and Mondays

Counselor Joseph Groom
Counselor Joseph Groom

On Monday afternoon, the counselors began our daily afternoon meeting to the soundtrack of a torrential downpour.  It rained buckets, more than I’ve seen all year.  Because the lightning wouldn’t let up, the teachers held the campers for an extra 30 minutes. When they arrived back at the dorm, we learned that the storm had damaged some transformers at Garrett, where we eat our meals, leaving the building without power. Garrett had a great Plan B, though, and within an hour, we had towers of pizza boxes stacked in the lobbies of each dorm.

The students didn’t seem to mind the spontaneous change in schedule. My campers actually seemed happy to relax on the hall and eat as a group, playing cards and talking. Afterwards we screened a few movies in the dorm common areas until study hall because the weather was still too bad for optional activities. The impression I got from the day is that these campers can roll with the punches, demonstrate their maturity, and have a good time as a community even when the situation is less than ideal.