Counselor’s Corner: Great First Weekend of VAMPY!

Counselor Morgan Fife
Counselor Morgan Fife

After an exciting first week of classes, campers had the weekend to relax and have fun with many activities and optionals. Friday evening we started off at the Preston Center, where the campers could choose to swim, run, play various sports games, or participate in other activities. This gave them an opportunity to meet new campers outside of their classes and halls in an open setting.

Saturday was the VAMPY Olympiad for which counselors planned many activities for campers to rotate between. We also set up tournaments for soccer and dodgeball.

Paper Theater, a great VAMPY tradition, kept campers entertained Saturday evening with humorous twists on classic fairy tales. This was a fresh opportunity for campers to express themselves! Sunday was a day to rest and catch up while doing laundry, activities, and study hall in the evening. Starting this week, we have more fun events planned for the campers and are looking forward to some cooler weather!