Chinese Class Has a Blast!

What a productive day we had today! First we had a special speaker, Cathy Cao, former International Trade Specialist with Kentucky Economic Development Office, who gave us an overview of Kentucky’s trade with China, and then fun began! Since we are reading Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club, we made what the characters eat in the story […]

Weather and Excitement Heat Up on Day Three of VAMPY 2012

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up at VAMPY 2012. Today students lit both actual and intellectual fires in the labs of Western Kentucky University. Classrooms were also ablaze with inspiration as campers shared ideas and challenged one another. Here are some scenes from day three!

Genetics: Bean beetles, Sordaria, Marz Meloos, and More

Bean beetles, sordaria, Marz Meloos, and Tribbles! Exciting things are happening in the Genetics class this year. The first day we planted corn, which we will observe in order to determine the dominant and recessive traits of corn in a tall/dwarf cross, a green/albino cross, and a dyhybrid tall/dwarf/green/albino cross. Every day we will observe […]

The Written Word, According to Mrs. Logsdon’s Creative Writing Course

Hello! My name is Hannah Shockley, and I am the Teaching Assistant for Lisa Logsdon’s Creative Writing class. The first day of class, Monday, June 25, started off with a bang! Students took a few moments to introduce themselves, and then we dove right in to writing. The students learned about the four modes of […]

Presidential Politics: Day 2

Greetings everyone! We had an excellent second day in Presidential Politics. Our focus president was Thomas Jefferson, and we explored his tenure in office and the impact of his decisions. The highlight of today’s class was the fictitious debate between incumbent John Adams and challenger Thomas Jefferson in the presidential race of 1800. Michael did […]

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