Astronomy: Day 1!

Hello! My name is Amar Patel, and I am the teaching assistant for Astronomy this year (my third year). I am very excited to get to know all the students as is the course instructor, Catherine Poteet. We hope this course will be a great opportunity for the students to grow in their ability to […]

Counselor’s Corner: Campers Impress in Classrooms and Residence Halls

It’s only the second full day of camp, and already I can see the campers settling into a new schedule and a new environment as well as making a significant number of new friends. Every day is jam packed with activities. As a counselor, room checks, which take place right before the students go to […]

Ecology and Field Biology: Day 1

Monday was a long first day dedicated to an overview of ecosystems of the upper Green River basin. Students explored systems from upland forests and riparian bottomlands near Nolin River Lake Dam to unique Kentucky barrens (“prairie-like” remnants), a headwater stream with wonderful animal finds to an overview of a manipulated river system at Green […]

Presidential Politics: Day 1!

Hello! I’m Victoria, the teaching assistant for the Presidential Politics class here at VAMPY 2012. I wanted to give a quick update about how our first day of class went. We started off with an overview of the class and dove right into the debates. The first presidential career we assessed was George Washington’s. After […]

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