Counselor’s Corner: Campers Impress in Classrooms and Residence Halls

It’s only the second full day of camp, and already I can see the campers settling into a new schedule and a new environment as well as making a significant number of new friends.

Counselor Taylor Koczot
Counselor Taylor Koczot

Every day is jam packed with activities. As a counselor, room checks, which take place right before the students go to bed, are the time when I get to sit down and have an in-depth talk with the campers. These room checks are one of my favorite parts of the day because it’s when I really get to know my campers and learn what I can do to help improve their camp experience.

So far, I’ve been incredibly impressed by the range of topics my campers talk about and how quickly and easily they’re making friends and getting involved in camp activities, not to mention how much they’re learning in their classes. As camp goes on, I know that the students will have more and more to tell me during room checks, and I’m looking forward to guiding them through their VAMPY 2012 experience.

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