Be a Writer: Class Week 2 – Day 4

Be A Writer 2.4

Be A Writer 2.4Thursday began with the statement, “Good Writers are Copycats and Thieves.” This means they use great writing to inspire their own great pieces. Students started class with answering some, “Would you rather…” questions.  For example, “Would you rather be a giraffe or a monkey?” This activity led to thinking of world, country, state, and local problems. From there, they came up with things that bug them about these problems — “Pet Peeves.”  After coming up with a possible bumper sticker for the pet peeve, all students went outside with sidewalk chalk to illustrate their slogan. Other activities included: reading time, writing alphographies (picking an alphabet letter and writing a personal story using a word from that letter), taking notes on SFTs, and spending time in the computer lab. Another successful day!

Be A Writer 2.4Be A Writer 2.4

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