Counselor’s Corner: Hall Talk

Last night, there were only three things my campers could talk about during hall time. The first was hearing Jennifer Bradbury speak and how excited they were that she signed their copies of her books. A few of my campers had even read both of her books in only a couple of days.

Counselor Olivia Reed
Counselor Olivia Reed

The second discussion item was the upcoming dance and which songs they wanted to request. The sign up sheet in our hall was already full, but they kept writing in the margins as they thought of more great dance songs.

The third topic monopolizing the conversation was how great their weeks were. Even though I was not a student in any of the SCATS classes, I have learned a lot over the past couple of weeks about genetics and physics and how hard it is to carve something out of soap.

This is why hall time has been the best part of these two weeks. Especially as camp is coming to close, I get the privilege of hearing all about my campers’ days and how much they can’t wait until next year. Since the dinner and dance is tonight, the majority of our hall time last night included discussing the previous topics and all of the girls trying on their dresses for the dinner. This is why I love camp. Watching my campers meet some amazing individuals, making new friendships, and learning so much have been the highlights of the summer so far. The campers are so intelligent, funny, and creative. It has been a wonderful two weeks, and the dinner and dance tonight is the perfect way to celebrate everything they have experienced.