SCATS 2012 Thursday Thinking

Our time at SCATS 2012 may be winding down, but the energy and excitement in classrooms are as high as ever. Check out our campers engaging in full-throttle thinking as they express themselves through writing (in notepads and on sidewalks), challenge themselves with physics experiments, and immerse themselves in debate.

Counselor’s Corner: Hall Talk

Last night, there were only three things my campers could talk about during hall time. The first was hearing Jennifer Bradbury speak and how excited they were that she signed their copies of her books. A few of my campers had even read both of her books in only a couple of days. The second […]

Lunar Thinking: Presenting Our Lunar Colonies

Today was presentation day! Students showed their research, creativity and design skills in their lunar colony designs. Each student or group described their designs in detail and included many interesting features. Amazingly, no two designs were alike! Of course, most had solar panels, but several had other power options as well. Some included futuristic vehicles […]

Counselor’s Corner: Meet the Author with Jennifer Bradbury

Yesterday, SCATS 2012 was lucky enough to have author Jennifer Bradbury speak with our campers. Several days prior to her arrival, the campers were given one of her two books: Shift and Wrapped. Many of the campers had already finished these books prior to Wednesday, an amazing feat considering these campers are kept very busy […]

Amusement Park Physics: Playing is for Everyone!

On Tuesday, the students learned about Newton’s Third Law of Motion. They were given four different experiments to complete: one on momentum, one on collisions, one on reactionary force, and one on pendulums. There was a ton of learning going on in class, and everyone had something interesting to do. With Newton’s Laws of Motion […]

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