Amusement Park Physics: Playing is for Everyone!

Amusement Park Physics

On Tuesday, the students learned about Newton’s Third Law of Motion. They were given four different experiments to complete: one on momentum, one on collisions, one on reactionary force, and one on pendulums. There was a ton of learning going on in class, and everyone had something interesting to do.

Amusement Park PhysicsWith Newton’s Laws of Motion finished Tuesday, the students wrapped up their learning on Wednesday with a lab that gave them the opportunity to complete many different mini-experiments. Each experiment linked back to several of the concepts they learned during the last week and a half and demonstrated at least one of Newton’s Laws of Motion. The students experimented with toy soft dart launchers, hovercrafts, Newton’s Cradle, and a variety of other things. This was a great way to wrap up Newton’s Laws and prepare their minds for their final project — creating their own amusement park ride. Today, the students will be designing, constructing, and testing a roller coaster track. We’re on the edges of our seats waiting to see what things they will come up with!

Amusement Park PhysicsAmusement Park Physics