Counselor’s Corner: An Evening at the Preston Center

Last night was our Preston Center evening, during which the whole SCATS crew had two hours to swim and play all sorts of sports from 7-9 p.m. We had soccer, wallyball, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, racquetball, basketball, tennis, track, and swimming stations open for the SCATS campers, and they chose which to attend.

Counselor Kristine Song
Counselor Kristine Song

My first station (for the first hour) was at the wallyball court. We started off with about six students, but it soon became a full room of campers as we invited everyone who passed by the court to join us. No one really knew how to play wallyball well or at all, but we all had a blast!

My second station was on the indoor track. I ran a couple of miles with the campers and, afterwards, joined a crew of campers next to the track. We sang along to the ukulele and played some card games until it was time to head back to the dorms.

Once each group was back on its respective floor, I encouraged my Schneider Floor Two girls to read the new book everyone received that day. Each camper was given one of two books – Wrapped or Shift – by Jennifer Bradbury, whom they will meet next week.

My girls must have been exhausted from our time at the Preston Center because my hall was quiet soon after room time.