Scenes from Optionals at SCATS 2012

Most evenings after classes and dinner, SCATS campers participate in optional fun activities, affectionately dubbed “optionals.” They range from dodgeball games, to Magic: The Gathering matches, to origami lessons, to line dancing practice, and much more. So while the campers are enjoying some rest and relaxation, as well as several special weekend activities, here’s is a look at what they’ve been up to during optionals this week.

Amusement Park Physics: Students Take on the Gravity of Their Learning

Wow, what a full day of learning! The students were given several tasks to complete with specific materials. They started thinking and experimenting, and it was hard to stop them when class was over! They made parachutes out of various materials and folded paper to drop from a height to learn about air resistance. Then, […]

Counselor’s Corner: An Evening at the Preston Center

Last night was our Preston Center evening, during which the whole SCATS crew had two hours to swim and play all sorts of sports from 7-9 p.m. We had soccer, wallyball, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, racquetball, basketball, tennis, track, and swimming stations open for the SCATS campers, and they chose which to attend. My first station (for the first […]

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