Counselor’s Corner: Magic — A Camp Tradition

Campers Playing Magic

Counselor Harry Chalmers
Counselor Harry Chalmers

Campers and counselors everywhere know camp as a place where magic happens — especially Magic: The Gathering. Every year, it is only shortly after checking that one begins to see Magic cards in the hands of campers who are eager to try out their new decks.

Magic is a collectible trading card game wherein players summon creatures and cast enchantments in an effort to be the most powerful spellcaster. Creatures and spells are cast through the use of special “land” cards, which provide the player with mana, or magic power. Different colors of mana allow players to cast different types of creatures and spells. For instance, one might have a wizard-themed deck requiring primarily blue mana, while another player might have an insect-themed deck requiring primarily green mana.

Magic is a common hall activity, and it helps give many campers a way to have fun with other campers and counselors. The campers on my hall and I, for instance, play Magic on most nights. My most powerful deck at the moment is a blue-black deck, but I’m also building a green-red-white deck. It’s always impressive to see how the campers rework their decks to counter certain card combinations they’ve been facing. Also neat is the way in which campers regularly trade cards to help one another and build stronger decks.

Even though most of the kids who play Magic at SCATS didn’t know how to play before coming here, it is one of the many reasons they (and I) look forward to camp.