Lunar Thinking: Day 5, Construction Area

Today was construction day! Students used their building skills to create a model of a lunar growing chamber. Many students found that they had to make some design changes and a few learned they needed to go “back to the drawing board.” This was a great learning process for all. Hopefully, we’ll see some radish […]

SCATS Astronomers Tour the Solar System

We’re all a little exhausted this Friday afternoon, not just from the days of exhilarating lessons, but the nights of activities and general non-sleeping. We had a bit of an extra-late night on Wednesday, as most of our Astronomy campers did some summer stargazing from the rooftop of the Thompson Complex. The WKU Department of […]

Friday the SCATS Way

SCATS 2012 campers spent Friday capping off an exciting week of classes with experiments, presentations, debates, and more. Check out the photos above! Tonight they will enjoy a pizza party and activities at WKU’s Raymond B. Preston Health & Activities Center. This weekend also holds the famous Paper Theater program — during which students perform […]

A Government of the People, For the People…By Middle Schoolers?

Well it has been an interesting start for “A Government of the People, For the People…By Middle Schoolers?” so far this week!  Students have been working to design their own governments, and they’ve come up with some wild ideas, ranging from a Democratic Republic modeled after the U.S., to a Democratic Communistic state, to an […]

Blast off with Math Days 3 and 4

For the past two days we have been busy constructing our Apollo Space capsule and should be done by Friday afternoon.  The students have been hard at work finding and calculating the scale model for the capsule.  Please check out our Blog which is all student work documenting the progress of construction. I am very […]

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