Be a Writer Day 3

Be a Writer Day 3.1

Yesterday’s theme was, “Good writers are passionate.”  We are in a routine now — continuing to spend time each day conferencing, reading, word processing in the lab, and of course, writing.  Our new challenge was to write a poem about any topic and include all the parts of speech in the poem. Once the poem is complete, we will be creating a wordle (a word picture) on the computer to go with the poem.  Another successful day! The week is flying by.

Please allow me to introduce the teachers of this class. I know many times parents would like to know a little background on the people who are seeing their children every day. I am Bonnie Honaker, and I have taught middle school Language Arts for 20 years. I am also certified to teach gifted and talented students.

The class is co-taught by Linda Martin. She recently retired from teaching middle school Language Arts with 28 years of experience. We have offered this writing workshop for 10 years at SCATS.  This year,  year 10, we have 10 students. The students thought that was humorous.

Be a Writer Day 3.2