Gabe SmithAfter the usual daily schedule of classes, the entire camp enjoyed a Pizza Night for dinner at the Garrett food court. After dinner the campers enjoyed hanging out and playing games until we left for the Preston Center at 7. Instead of optionals and study hall tonight, the entire camp went to the Preston Health and Athletics Center where they had the choice of many activities.

Some campers chose to swim in the Center’s pool, while others played sports such as volley ball and soccer, or simply relaxed in the lobby and played games with friends. I personally enjoyed several rounds of Apples to Apples and Magic the Gathering with several campers during my time at Preston. The walk back echoed with chants of the traditional camp song “Albania”. Unfortunately, community time was cut short due to stormy weather and we dismissed to hall time early for hall activities and to wind down for the day. Everyone at camp is looking forward to the VAMPY Olympics tomorrow where campers will divide into country-themed teams and compete in various athletic and non-athletic events.

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  1. Thanks for the update and recap. It seems the Friday evening time was fun for the kids to enjoy at the Preston Center. I wonder if you could have such event planned during the mid week as well rather than just on Friday. I know my children would love it as a change.

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