VAMPY 2012 Winds Down with a Dragon, a Trial and Art Projects

The final day of classes at VAMPY 2012 featured some exciting activities that the students won’t soon forget. In Chinese, students invaded other classes with drums, a fan and a dragon in tow. That’s right – several students stood under a traditional Chinese dragon costume and danced for members of other classes. Over in Nazi […]

Yeah, Chinese Food and Visiting the Writing Class!

Going to the Chinese restaurant today was a blast! It was great to go through a buffet and have somebody point out authentic Chinese cuisine and explain a little bit about each dish. I probably wouldn’t have dreamed of eating most of the stuff I did today. If Niu Lao Shi and Lin Lao Shi […]

Chinese: Unveiling the Mystery of the Political System in Communist China

During the presentation on China’s political system with the Presidential Politics class sitting in with us, I learned more about the Chinese government, how it’s structured, and how it functions. One interesting thing I noticed is, contrary to many Americans’ presumption, China has a body that represents the people for legislative purposes (what they call […]

Chinese: Writing Class Takes Lady White to Detroit

Tuesday, we had a lot of fun! The first thing we did was go visit the writing class. We watched their creative rendition of the classic Chinese folk tale the Legend of White Snake. Their version took place in downtown Detroit and featured a girl in a gang called the White Snakes. She eventually cleans up her […]

Chinese: Debating and Singing

Monday we held a debate in British parliamentary style on the motion that American factories in China should be held to the same standards to those in the U.S. in terms of the working environment. I was happy to be one of the three judges. Though everyone presented some interesting facts, several of the debaters were phenomenal, […]

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