Counselor’s Corner: Megan

Megan BatsonWith two days left of classes, our students gathered together on Wednesday for the annual VAMPY talent show. As a VAMPY tradition, the talent show highlights comedy acts, musical numbers, and skits strung together by six student emcees between acts. This year’s theme was Channel 40, as the emcees dressed up as counselors to reenact skits based on different TV shows. We had a large range of acts including a rap battle, competitive puzzle-solving, clarinet and piano performances, and even a lightsaber duel between counselors Corey and Bracćen. The intermission skit, Counselor Update, was a huge blast to plan and play out, as all of the counselors came up with one big comedy sketch about the students’ time at VAMPY so far. I especially loved all of the musical acts, it’s always fun to see campers come out of their shell to perform for their friends. The big anticipation of the night was the back-to-back combo of Sparkle Motion and Angels of Darkness, two VAMPY traditions that are left a mystery to all of the campers until they’re revealed on the night of the talent show. I’m not one to spoil anything, but both acts absolutely blew us away with impressive dance moves from the third and fourth-year campers. The talent show has always been a favorite event of mine for both SCATS and VAMPY, and many of the campers I spoke to afterward felt the same way. I can’t believe that we’re already this close to the end of camp, I already hear so many ideas floating around for next year’s acts!