Severe Weather Alert! How Safe Are Our Cities?

The weather on campus might have been hot and sunny, but campers were dealing with disastrous weather simulations that left some cities in ruin. Students in the class, Taking Weather Cirrus(ly), created model cities, and today was the big test day. City models had to be created exclusively with recycled materials, and built to withstand […]

Master Detective or Mastermind?

Did you know that fingerprints form on humans at only 6-8 weeks old in the womb? Our campers are in the process of becoming masters of crime scene investigating, and today in forensics, it was all about fingerprints!  Campers attending forensics class completed a fingerprint analysis lab where they learned how to accurately take fingerprints […]

Cracking the Code with Code Breakers

Today in Code breakers, campers took a crack at Morse Code! They began by exploring a brief history of the creation of Morse code, then entered into a heated debate on who they believed deserves the credit for creating the code we know today. Teams came together to use their newfound knowledge to save the […]

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