Master Detective or Mastermind?

Did you know that fingerprints form on humans at only 6-8 weeks old in the womb? Our campers are in the process of becoming masters of crime scene investigating, and today in forensics, it was all about fingerprints! 

Campers attending forensics class completed a fingerprint analysis lab where they learned how to accurately take fingerprints and identify the three different patterns that fingerprints have: loops, whorls and arches. Once they figured out which pattern their prints had, they compared them to the national norms. After exploring the science, our investigators became artists and created fingerprint art.

Lastly, groups gathered together become actors, where they practiced acting out crime scene scenarios that will be performed in class tomorrow. Acting out scenes will help campers practice collecting evidence… but will they use their new found knowledge to become master detectives, or will they become masterminds? 

Keep an eye on our blog post to find out!