Breaking News from SCATS Acting Class!

Campers in the SCATS acting class have been hard at work rehearsing for their performance at the end of the week. “Fairy Tale News” takes place in fairytale land with news reporters checking in on some of our best-known characters. They start with a report from the news desk, then cut back and forth between the various “on the street” interviews and the station.

Jack, of Beanstalk fame, is upset because the town is threatening to cut down his beanstalk to make room for a shopping mall. He is joined by protestors who accuse the town of being “floraphobic.” Other stories feature familiar characters such as the three little pigs and the bear family from Goldilocks.

During rehearsal, the students were coached on effective line delivery, movement, and stage placement. They adapted quickly to the teacher’s suggestions demonstrating their deep engagement with the class and material.

Lots of fun was had as well! With material that included catching the anchors commenting on the story when they thought they were off the air, to an interview with Jack’s cow, sometimes keeping a straight face through a scene was a challenge for these young actors. But like true professionals, they quickly got back on task, focusing on the getting ready for their performance.

2024 SCATS Acting