Bigfoot sighting at SCATS!

To kick off their investigation into Bigfoot and other cryptids, students in Sharley Davis’ class, Bigfoot: Real or Hoax, had to come up with a cryptid, monster, or mythological creature they identified with. Once they had made their choice, they had to come up with three characteristics they had in common. Campers then shared their clues to see if others could guess what they were. Choices ranged from vampires to the Loch Ness monster and Medusa to Pegasus.

The class then had to choose a side, real or hoax, and come up with evidence to support their position based on what they already know. It was clear some of the students felt strongly about their position! This task was a warm-up for what they will be doing over the next two weeks. The students will study the folklore surrounding Bigfoot and other cryptids, and apply the scientific method to uncover evidence to support their answer to the whether Bigfoot is real or a hoax. The students will use critical thinking skills to develop reasoned arguments to support their claims. They will also be expected to respectfully offer rebuttals to anyone who opposes their point of view. Check out the “draft” of a video interviewing some of the students to the left.

We have to wait and see if they can make their case; Bigfoot: Real or Hoax!

2024 SCATS Bigfoot