Surprises abound for campers on CTF Day

Once every VAMPY a magical day comes around called “CTF Day.”

Most afternoons, campers sign up for evening optionals, activities run by one to two counselors. On CTF day, all optionals are named CTF – typically short for Capture the Flag. While one optional actually is regular CTF, the others can be anything else. Some of this year’s optionals were revealed to be Conspiracy Theories: Fact or Fiction, Cook the Food, and Capture the Footwork.

The purpose of this day is to get our exceptionally bright children out of their comfort zone for just an hour and show them that surprises can be fun.In Camper Thesis Film, the campers worked with Wynn to design and create a play. Their play was a short story of a first-time reluctant camper who came to love and enjoy VAMPY. In Chairs: the Finding, counselors Mario and Coleman led their campers around campus to find the lawn chairs that had been “stolen” from several counselors that afternoon. In the end, they apprehended “Charlie the Chairless” and returned triumphantly with the recovered chairs. At the end of optionals, the campers ran to their friends to ask what their CTF had stood for as they went off to study hall.

— Sydney S., counselor