Campers make the most of time outside class

The second week of VAMPY is drawing to an end but there has been no slowdown in learning. Seeing the joy on the campers’ faces as they tell us about their day brings so much happiness to myself and other counselors. In addition to what’s happening in the classroom, we have had a multitude of exciting optionals and have planned unique activities for the weekend. Friday features a pizza party and a visit to WKU’s Preston Center, where campers have a chance to socialize while partaking in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including swimming, volleyball, basketball, Ultimate, and many more.

One thing that I am most excited about for this weekend is VCon, which is our camp twist on Comi-Con. This year’s theme is “Despicable V” . . . or is it? VCon features three blocks of activities all revolving around the theme. Campers don’t have to sign up for a particular activity, ensuring that each camper can participate in all of the activities they are interested in. The counselors have their costumes ready and are making sure that each camper feels prepared for the weekend. We look forward to the hall recaps on all the events!

– Addie B., counselor