Friendships flourish at VAMPY

As this second week kicks off, we are finally getting into the swing of things. The kids are so incredible and they amaze me every single day. From the start of working at this camp, I have heard “this is a place for these kids to step out of their comfort zone and truly be who they are.” I did not fully understand this, until this week. I have had young adults confide in me, like never before. Watching each and every single one of them take a step forward towards who they are meant to be in their future is life changing. They all deserve the world and then some. This week has been full of laughter and bonding, as the girls in my hall have decided to partake in late night monopoly games! (not too late of course). I watched them meekly go to one another’s rooms hoping to be accepted at the beginning of last week, and now they are trying to sneak past me to spend more time together. I am so proud of them and in my opinion, I believe this is one of the most essential parts of this camp. Learning is important, but creating friendships where you feel welcome is utterly crucial. 

— Amy M., counselor