Last Day Brought Bittersweet Farewells

All the feels set in on the last day of SCATS. So many great memories were made from the minds-on, interactive classes, through optional activities at night, and perhaps most importantly, through all the new friendships and bonds created with other campers, counselors, and staff. Students are excited to go home and yet sad to leave their new friends.

Each year students are given a special yearbook including photos of all the campers who attended SCATS. On the last day, students had their books in hand, ready to sign and ask friends to sign their books. Whether the message was long or just a short signature by a photo, the booklet serves as a special memento to remember their time at SCATS 2023.

As staff at The Center for Gifted Studies, we feel so fortunate to be a part of this growing experience for the campers. It is always a highlight to us to see campers learning new things and making new friends. We wish all of them a safe and fun summer and hope to see them at the next camp!

SCATS 2023 Move-Out
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