Counselor Corner with Jack

Last night was the final night for our SCATS campers and there was no shortage of awesome and fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Instead of our normal dinner spot, everyone got dressed up and we headed to the Martens Alumni Center for an amazing banquet. There was delicious food to go alongside the SCATS musical troupe class serenading us with a spectacular performance. After dinner, we headed to the SCATS dance and everyone jumped around and partied to a super fun playlist. After everyone was officially tired from dancing, we all headed back to the building to watch the end of camp slideshow where all of the kids got to see pictures recounting the adventures they had this year. And after all of that, we are officially at the end of SCATS 2023, the campers will go to class today and afterwards they will head back home to their eagerly waiting parents. I know I have had a blast hanging out and learning from these immensely talented students and we are so excited to see them again next year and see how they have grown and changed throughout the year. Happy SCATS 2023!

-Jack C.

SCATS 2023 Banquet and Dance