Counselor Corner with Amy

Hi! I am Amy Martin, and I am an upcoming senior at WKU. I am in the eduation program here, but I never knew much about The Center for Gifted Studies. When I was granted the opportunity to work for The Center, I was thrilled. I had expectations and thoughts just like anybody starting something new. All of my expectations have been exceeded – in the first week!


As a counselor, I have had some difficult conversations, and I have learned that as the children grow and expand their minds, so do I. I have seen firsthand the way the children’s minds work, and the experience has solidified my dream of teaching students like them in my classroom some day. This week we learned a lot of information; everything we are doing is new to me and to them. I’m learning to see things from a perspective I have never looked at before. Through community time, walking back and forth to meals, and optionals (mandatory fun), I am watching them come out of their shells and confide in each other. Thank you, SCATS campers, for teaching me how to embrace what I’ve been called to do.

– Amy M., counselor