Welcome to Camp Discover!

Be respectful to yourself and to others.

Participate in class and in our activities.  

Try to make new friends at every opportunity.

Shower every day. 

And with those words of wisdom, counselors welcomed 93 rising seventh graders to Camp Discover, a one-week residential camp at WKU. 

Students will participate in four minds-on, hands-on classes each day through Friday. Subjects range from conflict in the 1960s, to the basics of DNA, to theme park design, to video game coding, to the basics of lawyering, to rocket science and more. There’s a little bit of everything here. 

In addition to classes, students will participate in counselor-led activities most nights. Monday night featured games designed to help the students — and their counselors — learn everyone’s name. It may seem like a challenge, but our campers are up for it. Much progress was made before it was time to return to the residence hall for hall meetings and those all-important showers, then bedtime. 

Day One of Camp Discover is in the books!