O is for Optionals

Optionals are a great time for campers and counselors to mix and mingle most nights after dinner. The name of this activity is somewhat of a misnomer as participation is definitely not optional, but the counselors take care to make sure there is something appealing to everyone. They plan out fun activities including chalk art, pool noodle fencing, button-making, capture the flag, and ultimate frisbee, among many more. Each day the optionals change so the campers have a large variety to choose from. Some optionals are more relaxed and laid back like friendship bracelet making, while others are more active and energized like Just Dance. Sometimes the counselors will make up funny names for the optionals, and the campers love to guess what the activity will be. For example, Luck of the Draw turned out to be making pet rocks out of rocks around campus. No matter what the name or the activity, the campers and counselors love optionals as a way to get to know other.

— Danielle Klein, head counselor