Igniting the week – and the grill

We started the week with a typical VAMPY Sunday night dinner plan: a cookout. The campers lined up for hamburgers, hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese (with cookies and Rice Krispie treats for dessert) on the main lawn of Florence Schneider Hall. A couple of Frisbees were brought out, and many of us played catch in a giant circle with those or a football. Campers got to enjoy some time in particularly pleasant weather, talking about the exciting events to look forward to (VAMPY Olympics, paper theater, VCon, the talent show, and the dance).

After the cookout, it was time for trivia in the Great Hall. We spent about an hour answering all sorts of questions in 15 random teams using a program called Kahoot. Head counselor Wade V. made a 65-question multiple-choice quiz about pop culture, history, and fun facts about camp and the counselors. Counselor Mario H. had a team of whizzes who managed to get 53 questions correct, securing a healthy margin of victory. Campers got excited over who knew the most obscure facts and reveled in their counselors’ wacky fears (fruit and seaweed) and previous hairstyles (say it isn’t so, Roman).

— Will S., counselor