SCATS is overflowing with talent

Wednesday night, we hosted the annual SCATS talent show. Campers enjoyed a variety of acts ranging from standup comedy, to singing and dancing, to musical instrument playing, to skits. Every year, a group of campers chosen by the counselors hosts the talent show and comes up with the theme. This year, Max T., Caleb J., Dairrhius W., Jeremy Y., Katie T., and Claire M. were our emcees, and they chose the theme “Counselors on the Red Carpet.” They worked hard to come up with skits in which they portrayed their favorite counselors as if they were on a red carpet for the talent show. The emcees also introduced each act with short skits that had to do with the performance.


The show started with David A., who performed an interactive improv-comedy skit that got the crowd excited for the night. Campers loved seeing Anik P. perform a bō staff routine backed up by Kung Fu Fighting. Jane Ann M. performed a dance routine called Magic Hat, Dushant L. showed what he learned in Clowning class during Snow White and the Seven Clowns, and Lillie W. slayed the electric guitar.


There was no shortage of cheers or applause throughout the night. Performances from Jack N., Calvin B., Vivian S., Elli T., Stella M., Ellie E., Leah C., Kambree B., Kinsley B., Kathryn M., Jack M., Nate D., Allistar S., Lillie S., Colton J., Laura K., Alexsa B., Aryanna S., Day C., and Rowan B. gave the show depth and kept the crowd interested. Anikaa S. brought them to their feet in honor of the Kentucky state song and her talent.


The campers also enjoyed a surprise act from their counselors, in which we made an improv skit that poked fun at some of the events that occurred during camp. The Counselor Update is a counselor and camper favorite alike. Overall, it was a great night filled with immense talent, laughter, and applause as we wrapped up our second week of SCATS.
— Malcolm J., counselor, and Danielle K., head counselor