Campers in Kahoots

SCATS campers had a great opportunity to relax and have some fun outside at a cookout Sunday night. The campers lined up for hamburgers, hotdogs, and macaroni and cheese (with some cookies for dessert) on Gatton’s main lawn.


Some campers played catch with Frisbees and kickballs, with Collyn M. making sure that no Frisbee stayed on the ground too long. Dairrhius W. and friends taught campers the game of “tip,” where players must jump before catching a kickball and have to throw it to another player in the circle before returning to the ground. 


Jane Ann M. and her friends did their best to teach me and some of my boys to do a cartwheel (my boys were all better at it than I). The cookout provides a wonderful environment for the campers to hang out outside, and we got a nice break from rain and heat that evening.


We followed the cookout right up with trivia night. Multiple choice questions appeared on the big screens in the Great Hall using software called Kahoot (often used for quizzes in school). Each counselor’s group tried to come to a consensus before answering. About half of the 45 questions were about science, history, sports, and pop culture. The other half were counselor trivia, like “Which counselor has a twin born on a different day?” or “Whose thumbs aren’t the same size?” Malcolm J.’s boys clinched the victory by answering 30 questions correctly, though my boys only missed two more to make second place!
— Will S., counselor