A night among the stars

The average weeknight at SCATS usually involves dinner, optionals, and community time, but campers were excited about something different this past Wednesday: a trip to the Hardin Planetarium!

Trips to the planetarium are a long-standing tradition at SCATS and VAMPY, but in the past, there have been limited spots available for the shows. Luckily, every SCATS camper this year had the opportunity to attend one of two shows at the planetarium.


The first show was about the history of Mars exploration, from the beginning of the space race to the current day (learn more at mars.nasa.gov). The other show available to campers focused on the James Webb Space Telescope (jwst.nasa.gov), which was launched just this past December.


But campers didn’t just stare at the planetarium dome all night, thanks to the interactive aspect of the shows. WKU Planetarium Coordinator Chris Chandler led the shows wonderfully, giving campers every opportunity to ask questions and be a part of the show themselves. For example, when presenting the structure of the James Webb telescope, numerous campers already knew about its parts, so Mr. Chandler let them explain their knowledge to the group. Jack G. and Owen K., who attended the James Webb show, said they felt “really included and [we] learned a lot.” While there are no more planetarium visits planned for SCATS, campers are excited for the next activity on the horizon: the SCATS Olympics this Saturday!
— Mario H., counselor

Image of the Atlas V launch carrying Perseverance courtesy of NASA