What’s the scoop?

As SCATS campers swarm into the Fresh Food Company after class each day, dozens of meal choices await them.

One food, however, seems to be the favorite above all else: soft serve ice cream.

After campers finish their lunch and dinner, it is typical to see a group hovering near the ice cream machine. Most campers have an ice cream cone or bowl in hand, but some bring a creative twist to the classic dessert. One camper adds a cookie to the bottom of the bowl; others compete to see who can create the PERFECT spiral.

When asked on Tuesday, students were excited to share their favorite flavor. “Nobody likes chocolate anymore,” one said. “Vanilla is just better!” A nearby group entered the debate, declaring chocolate “the absolute best flavor.” Polling revealed that campers preferred the vanilla ice cream to chocolate, but most decided a swirl was the perfect compromise.

Whether they were on Team Chocolate or Team Vanilla, all students are enjoying Fresh’s foods — and the sweeter things in life.

— Odile C., counselor