Something for everyone

Mother Nature chased our SCATS campers inside for the night on Monday, but she didn’t dampen spirits. Each morning, counselors plan out our optionals, which are evening activities designed to appeal to a variety of interests. (And yes, the counselors do check the weather forecast!) Some optionals have been part of our summer camps for years; others are new. Counselors work in teams to plan and run their optionals, and students from different counselor groups meet and mingle each evening. 

Monday, students could choose from four square (we were able to squeeze in a few games before the skies opened), Just Dance, making friendship bracelets, tabletop games, rap battles and musical chairs with a twist. (The twist: If you were out, you joined the chorus and helped provide the music for the game.) 

After a day of learning and an evening of optionals, the halls were quiet come 9:30.