Welcome to SCATS!

Malcolm Jones - SCATS and VAMPY CounselorOn Sunday afternoon, The Center for Gifted Studies welcomed a class of 100 to the Summer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students. 

Our counselors, teachers, and staff eagerly waited for families to arrive and get started with fun group activities and two weeks of engaging classwork. It was nice to see some familiar faces from last year and to see new faces acclimate to camp life so easily! The boys in my group quickly bonded when we played a game in which they threw a beach ball and named a fun fact when they caught it. It was great to see the campers make new friends on the first day!

Many campers enjoyed their first meal at the dining hall. They were visibly excited about the amount of options (although many did stick with pizza). After dinner, we had a group orientation, showed the campers where their classes are, and broke out into some ice breaker activities. At night, we spent some more time in our groups and played some card games before bedtime.

— Malcolm Jones, counselor