Last Study Hall, Last Optional

by Scott Dinh

Scott Dihn

Yesterday, campers had their last day of study hall. Most campers were ecstatic about finishing study hall because the talent show and banquet occupy the two final evenings of VAMPY. The final study hall also represented the culmination of everything they learned throughout camp, and many campers expressed their sense of fulfillment upon returning to the dorms.

Campers also had their last day of Optionals. Head counselor Wade and I held a new Optional called Spikeball. It’s a game that is similar to volleyball, but rather than hitting the ball over a net, players spike the ball onto a circular net below them. Players are allowed on all sides of the net, so there are a multitude of creative strategies players can use, such as spiking the ball behind you and having the opposing team run behind you to get the ball. Teams consist of two players, and games have three rallies.

Yesterday was the first time Spikeball was held as an Optional and I believe it will continue to be offered in future years. We had a good turnout of 15 campers. With music playing, we had a tournament among the players. They had so much fun that they did not want to go back inside.