VAMPY Question of the Week #2

by Erika Solberg

I asked some VAMPY campers a question again this week. Here are the results of my Lunchtime Poll!

You have a time machine. When do you travel to?

Corey Coleman and Anthony Clauson

Jayden Shuai of Portland, OR: I would travel to right before I dropped my favorite mug.

Finn Schaefer of Franklin, TN: I would travel to the year 3000 to see if humans still exist.

Adrienne Seal of Covington: I’d either go to the 1990s because the music was so good back then or go to prehistoric times.

Gabriel Cammack-Coleman of Lexington: I would travel to 2019.

Nick Rutledge of Louisville: I would go to ancient Egypt because it was the best ancient civilization, and I would see how everything was made — they basically made skyscrapers from sand and water.

Malley Taylor of Clearfield: I’d go back to a president’s time — around World War I or II — to ask them about leadership, like what kind of different choices they had to make, especially around times of war.

Kal-El Cline of Smiths Grove: I would travel to the year 2199.

Kenny Lee works with Ibrahim Ali

ZaHir Covington of Jeffersontown: First I’d go to the future two generations ahead to see how things have progressed or deteriorated. Then I would go back ten years and try to slowly add new things to the timeline, to make a snowball effect that eventually fixes the world.

Foster Thompson of Lexington: I wouldn’t go.

Ace Chassels of Hartford: I would go back to Victorian times because I think the fashion is really cool, and I’ve always wanted to wear stuff like that — but then again, it was dangerous back then.

Grace Fridy of Louisville: I would travel back to the early 1900s to learn more about my family history.

Lawrence Popham of Florence: I’d go back to when my grandparents were younger so I could see them before they were older. I miss my grandmother a lot, so I’d like to go back to see her.

Leo Johnson of Germantown, TN: I would go 10,000 years in the future, take the technology, and bring it back.

Grace Fridy

Sydney Schulten of Fayetteville, GA: I would travel to the 1920s and just party.

Milo Arjana of Bowling Green: I would travel to the year 2000.

Abby Hendricks of Nolensville, TN: I would travel back to 2019 and go to VAMPY.

Anthony Clauson of Alvaton: I would travel to the 1960s.

Jordan Cathey of Louisville: I would travel to the 1990s because the culture back then was the best.

Caleb Singleton of Beaufort, SC: I would travel to the time of World War II, probably 1945, so I could get a better understanding of how the world changed after the war.

Ibrahim Ali of Bowling Green: I would travel to the 1980s.

Bella Galavotti of Lexington: I would travel to the beginning of colonization so that we could not do that.

Colton Isaacs watches Jordan Cathey during lab.
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