Optionals Focus: CTF Night

by Declan Delaney

Declan Delaney smiles big
Declan Delaney

On most evening, campers participate in Optionals, a variety of activities run by counselors. Campers choose from 7-9 different activities, only knowing the name of the activity, which counselors are running it, and whether or not it requires physical activity. Usually, the activities names are self-explanatory, such as Four Square, Board Games, and Ultimate Frisbee, to name a few camp favorites. Another camp staple is Capture the Flag, or, as it is written on the signup sheet, CTF. A few years ago, some counselors thought it would be fun to have a CTF day, where every activity was abbreviated CTF but with only one being the true Capture the Flag. It soon became a beloved camp tradition, and CTF Day has been a hit ever since.

In keeping with tradition, VAMPY had its annual CTF day on Wednesday. All the campers knew about the CTF they signed up for was the counselors running it and whether or not physical activity was required. They found out what their CTF stood for when it was time for Optionals after dinner. Activities included Create the Frat, where campers got to create a fake fraternity and present it; Cultivate the Friendship, where campers made friendship bracelets; Channel the Force, where campers had lightsaber duels; and Crush the Fruit, where campers got to play Fruit Ninja and crush watermelons — as well as a standard Capture the Flag game. Overall, this much-loved tradition at VAMPY was a hit, and campers shared and joked with each other about what their CTF meant at Hall Time later that night.

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