VAMPY Question of the Week

by Erika Solberg

I hung out in Fresh Foods with the VAMPY campers at lunchtime last week and gave them a very open-ended prompt, from which I received a very VAMPY-diverse set of answers! (Note: I did not verify any responses, but I can confirm I did not know almost none of what I was told.)

Tell me something I don’t know.

Zachary Vandermolden
Zachary Vandermolden

Christian Rara of Russell Springs: I made the state spelling bee in fourth grade but not ever again. I lost on a word where the definition was “a Polish folk dance.”

James Felty of Cave City: At the end of the Vietnam War,the U.S. was slowly pulling out troops to have the South Vietnamese take over the war, but they lost, so the entire country combined to become a whole communist state.

Kate Harmon of Napoleon, OH: I’ve seen every episode of The Office twice.

Leo Johnson of Germantown: One plus one plus one plus one all the way to infinity is equal to negative one-half.

Lily Frye of Carrollton: My brother Andrew is here at camp too. It’s kind of embarrassing. But we joke around with each other, and we both like math.

Joaquin Pauig of London: Every ten feet you go down underwater, the pressure on your body doubles.

Saria Arjana of Bowling Green: The designer Coco Chanel and her family sympathized with the Nazis.

Adrian Grady of Louisville: The final stage of mitosis is called telophase.

Myranda Parr of South Fulton, TN: In Greek culture, you couldn’t see the bride you married until after you were already married.

Chloey Bailey (left) with counselor Darby Tassell.
Chloey Bailey (left) with counselor Darby Tassell.

Joseph Strom of Alvaton: If you think about all the numbers between one and zero all the way up to an infinite amount of numbers, and if you pair them a certain amount, it means that that number of infinity is greater than a different number of infinity.

Caroline Yates of Ashland: Democrats used to be not as liberal.

Zachary Vandermolden of Glasgow:  I can speak Spanish.

Jacob Strom of Alvaton: Mainstream news is heavily biased in today’s age.

Caroline Yates and James Felty in Presidential Politics.
Caroline Yates and James Felty in Presidential Politics.

Ava Steier of Louisville: The atomic bomb uses nuclear reactions to make explosive energy.

Wilson Young of Louisville:  You can hold up 17 thick textbooks with three sheets of paper and a foot of Scotch tape.

Cloey Bailey of Jamestown: Some whales don’t die naturally; they just kill themselves.

W.P Hurt of Edmonton: The Appalachian trail is 2,200 miles long.

Mason Bradley of Georgetown: In the first Captain America movie, he’s wearing Converse because during World War II, Converse gave out shoes to soldiers.

Shawn Cochran of Hendersonville, TN: Some of the ancient Greeks would get drunk, go to the forest, pick up a bunch of sticks, and start running to a different city.

Elliott Sego of Glendale: Every year, the distance between the moon and the earth increases about the width of my thumb.

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