Albania Rules!

by Wade Vierheller

Wade Vierheller smiles
Wade Vierheller

The first Saturday of VAMPY is a big one, when our various counselor groups represent different countries and come together to compete in a variety of events at the VAMPY Olympics. We began this year’s event with our opening ceremony, where we introduced all of the countries to theme songs of their choice. Our countries included Brazil, Japan, Greece, the USSR, Jamaica, Albania, and Madagascar.

After, the teams broke off for their events. We had outdoor events like dodgeball and tug-of-war, while inside we had events like trivia and Just Dance. Campers competed head-to-head in these events, working to get the top spot and earn points for their countries. We also had side events for students to relax with, like storytelling, art, and chalk. After these events wrapped up, we ended the day with a relay race, which included a wheelbarrow race, a quick crossword, a crab walk, water ballooning a counselor, and a big sprint to finish.

After all events, we added up the points and announced the winner. This year’s victor at the VAMPY Olympics was Albania! For their prize, the team members received a Jonah Hill chia pet, which sadly broke soon after the presentation when it was dropped during the team cheers. However, while they lost the physical prize, the players of Albania could still carry the pride of victory in their hearts.

See our Facebook page for a great collection of photos from the Olympics!