Forecast for the Weekend: Chill Time and Fun

by Clara Manning

Clara Manning smiles
Clara Manning

The first week of VAMPY is coming to an end, and the counselors are so excited for all the activities we have planned for the weekend! During the week, the campers have been working hard in their classes, making projects and exploring new topics. Their well-deserved weekend break will include some time to chill out and socialize with new friends. Tonight, we have a fun evening of pizza and free time planned, during which many of them will play games like frisbee, volleyball, and cards. On Saturday afternoon, we will have the Vampy Olympics. Campers are given countries to represent and then compete in events like relays, tug of war, trivia, and many more to earn points.

The fun doesn’t stop with the Olympics! After dinner, the campers participate in a classic VAMPY tradition, Paper Theatre. They will be given classic storylines such as “The Three Little Pigs” and certain styles such as “reality TV show” and asked to twist the story to create unique and funny skits. The only materials they will be allowed to use for props and costumes are tape, black markers, and newspapers. This activity challenges the campers to be creative and work as a team so that it is fun for everyone.

On Sunday morning, we have a more relaxed day planned, starting off with the most important meal of the day: breakfast! The kids will be given donuts, fruit, milk, and orange juice to get them started for the fun-filled day ahead.