Presidential Politics Update: 2008 and the Quarterfinals

by Dennis Jenkins

Jonah Flueck and Alexis Barton as Barack Obama and John McCain

On Wednesday morning we wrapped up the presidency of George W. Bush and had a round-table discussion over several Supreme Court cases involving campaign money, gun control, and healthcare. We also examined the 2008 presidential campaign; students contrasted commercials, debate clips and political satire about the election. After lunch, students watched a role-play debate between John McCain (Alexis) and Barack Obama (Jonah). The class went to the computer lab to continue their research for their debate tournament and study hall project. During the last hour of the day, students participated in the quarterfinal round of the tournament. Today’s winners were Sean, Shawn, Elizabeth, and Maddie. Wednesday was the last night of study hall; students completed their Mount Rushmore project.

Note: Teacher Dennis Jenkins will be posting updates on his course, Presidential Politics, throughout VAMPY.